Blog How-To Guide: Xicamix Cocktail Recipes

Discover Xicamix – the world’s first Jicama-based functional cocktail mix.


Xicamix embodies the “Spirit of Wellness” – a delicious, better-for-you cocktail experience that you can feel good about enjoying. The star superfood ingredient – Jicama – is rich in Vitamin C, prebiotic fiber and essential vitamins for gut + immune health boosting benefits with every sip. Finally, with Xicamix, wellness isn’t sacrificed for pleasure.

Here’s how to enjoy the refreshing flavor of our three mouthwatering mixes:

“Finally, with Xicamix, I can have an amazing time celebrating with friends, while enjoying the health-boosting benefits of my favorite superfood!”

Jicama/Spicy Watermelon


Watermelon | Mexican Spices | Jicama | Lime


Pairs best with: Tequila, Mezcal, Vodka, Gin, Rum


4oz or mix to 2oz spirit



Cucumber | Ginger | Jicama | Lime


Pairs best with: Vodka, Gin

4oz or mix to 2oz spirit

Jicama/Coconut Water


Tropical Pineapple | Jicama | Toasted Almond


Pairs best with: Vodka, Gin, Rum, Bourbon, Rye Whisky


4oz or mix to 2oz spirit

For those forgoing alcohol completely, Xicamix is a perfect pair for sparkling water on ice. Also, look out for hemp infused versions of all Xicamix mixes launching in legal US states and Canada!


Drink to good health. Buena Salud™.

Jicama: At The Root Of Xicama

Xicama was created by Holistic Nutritionist to the stars, Mona Sharma. For over a decade, Mona has studied the connection between gut health and vitality. Having recovered from two heart surgeries, and with a family history of autoimmune disease, Mona was amazed at the power we have to heal our bodies with food. Jicama has been a staple food on the gut-restoring nutrition plans she creates for all of her clients – from athletes, to celebrities to CEOs.

Over the years, Mona has wanted to share the power of Jicama with an even more people. Mona’s mission for Xicama was to create a line of functional food products that deliver the gut + immune boosting benefits of Jicama. So she set out to do just that.

Read the full article here! “Discover Jicama: The “Superfood of 2019”?

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