XICAMA™ Flaming Hot Margarita

XICAMA™ Flaming Hot Margarita


Xicama Flaming Hot Margarita
Step by Step

Add 2 teaspoons organic low glycemic Monk fruit agave syrup

Add 1 squeeze of lime juice

Mix in 1 slic of chile

Garnish with 1 stem of cilantro


Add 1 can Xicama™ Cucumber Ginger Flavor

Mix all the ingredients and half can of Xicama™ shake, strain and pour into a glass. Add the remaining Xicama™ can and garnish with red chilli slices.

-1/4 cucumber, thinly sliced

-6 large fresh basil leaves

-3/4 teaspoon range blossom


Cucumber Ginger

8.4 oz 6 pack


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