Step into the season with intention. Align with healthy rhythms that will set a foundation for a balanced, rested, connected life. We all feel the shift -- new beginnings, an invitation to get into healthy routines, and set goals that will help you quickly reset or restart. Let’s walk towards health and alignment together so you can awaken yourself in this season of life. Health is a journey.

Let's start now.



The winner of this giveaway will receive a private coaching session that includes a nutritional questionnaire designed to detect underlying imbalances that are contributing to symptoms or set-backs in your health. Working with the unique results we find, we can activate your life with goals and a strategy to move you into healing and wholeness.  

Win a free Cryotherapy session at Next Health, plus receive 50% off an IV drip. 

What is Cryotherapy? The world’s first non-nitrogen, whole-body chamber that refreshes the mind and body with extreme temperatures (-150F) to promote physiological changes in the body. Initiating systems of healing in the body, this exciting and effective treatment promotes healthy immune and circulation function while giving you a feel-good release of endorphins. 

Xicama™ is a sparkling jicama-based beverage high in prebiotic fiber and vitamin C, with powerful gut and immune-boosting benefits. Health is as easy as taking a sip. Drink it daily to quench your body’s thirst for nutrient-dense enjoyment. 

1 hr private coaching session with Mona Sharma

A Cryotherapy treatment at Next Health and 50% off an IV drip

24 sample pack of assorted Xicama flavors