The winner of this giveaway will receive a private coaching session that includes a nutritional questionnaire designed to detect underlying imbalances that are contributing to symptoms or set-backs in your health. Working with the unique results we find, we can activate your life with goals and a strategy to move you into healing and wholeness.  

Win a free Cryotherapy session at Next Health, plus receive 50% off an IV drip. 

What is Cryotherapy? The world’s first non-nitrogen, whole-body chamber that refreshes the mind and body with extreme temperatures (-150F) to promote physiological changes in the body. Initiating systems of healing in the body, this exciting and effective treatment promotes healthy immune and circulation function while giving you a feel-good release of endorphins. 

Xicama™ is a sparkling jicama-based beverage high in prebiotic fiber and vitamin C, with powerful gut and immune-boosting benefits. Health is as easy as taking a sip. Drink it daily to quench your body’s thirst for nutrient-dense enjoyment.