Mona Sharma Founder

In 2019, I decided to juice my favorite root vegetable, jicama, and see what happened. The result? Juicy, slightly sweet yet earthy, and super delicious. High in fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants, jicama is well-known and loved in cultures across the world, aiding in digestion, promoting heart health and reducing risk of disease. As a Holistic Nutritionist who had to walk through multiple heart surgeries and chronic anxiety, I uniquely understand how challenging it can be to find easy ways to add healthy, nutrient-dense options into a busy life. Xicama was designed to be part of your daily routine. Gut-boosting, good for your immune system, and full of flavor, take a can and go, add it to your smoothies, or mix it up with your favorite spirit. Health is as easy as taking a sip.

Coachella-official and celebrity-approved,

Xicama is quickly becoming the go-to elixir for health nuts and doctors alike for its incredible body and mind benefits. Our friends Dr. Mark Hyman, Jay Shetty and Dr. Mark Cole are obsessed. Will Smith even jumped on the Xicama train after Mona was invited to stage a health intervention for the Smith family on a special episode of Red Table Talk. What to know what a nutritionist asks a celeb family? Check it out here.