Rooted in Wellness

Xicama™ was created by Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Educator, Mona Sharma. For over a decade, Mona has studied the connection between food, gut health and vitality. Having recovered from two heart surgeries, and with a family history of autoimmune disease, Mona was amazed at the power we have to heal our bodies with food. Mona's mission for Xicama™ is to create a line of functional food products that deliver the gut and immune boosting benefits of Jicama.

Xicama™ is rooted in centuries of ancient wisdom, playfully awakened for the modern world. The jicama used by the company is harvested in the Pacific coastal village of Sayulita, Mexico, and is passionately blended with all natural ingredients. Enjoy the exotic, refreshing flavors and health boost of Xicama™.

Xicamix™, a collection of 3 first-to-market Jicama-based cocktail mixes created by Bar Lab for Xicama™ and their parent company IQ Foods International, is only the beginning for Xicama™. Along with these new and innovative Jicama-based products, Xicama™ will be launching Jicama Water, Jicama Gut Shots, and Jicama Flour, in the near future.